AMD laptops will soon be worth considering

I’ve maligned AMD over the years, and with good reason: they have played second fiddle to Intel for a long time. But with last year’s Ryzen processor lineup, the winds began to change. In fact, I plan to use one in my next personal build. That said, the laptop market has seen very few

options include these new processors as most of them were built to go in desktops. Now the new Ryzen Pro Mobile chips are hitting the market with several big commitments from laptop manufacturers to use them. I post recomendations from time to time, so don’t be surprised to see some of them featured here in the near future.

Disclaimer: there are still many previous gen AMD laptops on the market that are cheap because they are garbage. Don’t buy them. Look for the word “Ryzen”. Better yet, ask me, because very few of the current Ryzen offerings are worth the price right now.

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