At Home

Whether you need a recommendation for a new laptop or your desktop is just running slower than it used to, we offer all kinds of support for your personal computer.

 Business Solutions

Many small businesses find themselves in the position of needing tech support so they can function, but don’t need to hire someone to do just that. We can consult, fix, and maintain your business network on an as-needed basis so you don’t feel like you need to employ a full-time tech guy.

 Non-Profit Support

We offer a discount on our services for charities, but did you know that as a non-profit, your organization likely qualifies for steep discounts on all sorts of tech solutions? Whether it’s subscription services or hardware, we can help you navigate the donation programs available through major tech companies.

 Custom Builds

Above the $500 – $600 range, a custom build is often the best way to go and can last longer due to the ease of upgrading components along the way. Contact us with your needs, and we can draw up some options to suit!

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